The Bachbauernhof is a family business.


Together we manage forest and meadow area and operate the riding school and pension horse business.


Everyone has their own tasks - everyone gets involved.



How it all started: Sigrun has always been an animal lover.


Due to family reasons, she could not learn to ride until she was 20. All the more she appreciates being able to experience nature with the horse.

So she bought her first horse in her mid-20s and realized her dream. Later, two ponies were added for the children.


As the children grew up, their friends always came to us and wanted to ride.

 Gradually Sigrun began to teach riding lessons for children from the village.


In 1998 we moved with our animals to the Bachbauernhof, which we inherited in 2002 from Bachbauer Hans Wöhrle. In the following ten years, the farm was completely renovated and as much as possible of the old building structure was preserved.


Today the farm is a much photographed object in Gutach. The reconstruction of the building was also preceded by the construction of a spacious open barn and the riding area.


Not only horses and ponies have a home with us, but also many other animals.

So we have a large bird aviary, in which we often take birds from the Animal Welfare Association. Also rabbits and guinea pigs get a place with us.


In general, it is important to us to help animals in need and therefore

we always find a solution.

Die Familie

Sigrun Wöhrle

Trained industrial clerk

  • 1997 - Carriage badge FN – Haflinger Stud Eschachtal - Thomas Fritz
  • 1997 - Driving weddings with a wedding carriage (10 years)
  • 2005 - Longe badge FN - Horse Friends Straubenhardt
  • 2005 - Sports assistant, supervisor equestrian sport FN - Horse friends Straubenhardt
  • 2009 - Riding Badge IV FN - Stockfelderhof - Markus Lämmle
  • 2010 - German Riding Pass FN - Stockfelderhof - Markus Lämmle
  • 2010 - Trainer C Basissport FN - Stockfelderhof - Markus Lämmle
  • 2010 - Certificate of expertise Horse breeding - Main and State Stud Marbach
  • 2018 - First Alpine crossing with the own horse with Peter van der Gugten and Tina Boche ( Via Sbrintz Tour) -
  • 2019 - Second Alpine crossing with the own horse with Peter van der Gugten and Tina Boche (Bernina Tour) -
  • Years of riding lessons with Petra Schöner (Beautiful Riding)
  • Regular seminars to obtain the DOSB's trainer's license
  • Years of experience in the training of young horses for school operations


Svenja Wöhrle

Trained industrial clerk

  • 2008 - Basic pass horse studies and the riding badge IV FN - Reiterhof Konle
  • 2013 - Trainer Assistant, Longe badge IV, Riding badge III FN – Stockfelderhof Markus Lämmle, Beginning of Riding Ands on the Bach farm
  • 2012 - First riding lessons for versatility (off-road riding) with Hans Dufner in Meißenheim
  • 2014 - Internships at the Söderhof and with Julia Schmid in Urspring
  • 2015 - Trainer C Riding Basic Sport FN - Stockfelderhof - Markus Lämmle
  • 2016 - Four-week internship at "Schöner Reiten- Petra und Harald Schöner" in Weingarten
  • 2018 - First Alpine crossing with the own horse with Peter van der Gugten and Tina Boche (Via Sbrintz Tour) -
  • 2019 - Second Alpine crossing with his own horse with Peter van der Gugten and Tina Boche (Bernina Tour) -
  • 2020 - certified equestrian therapist
  • 2020 - Works since August 2020 at Lebenshilfe Kinzig- und Elztal e.V.

Jürgen Wöhrle

Financial officer and farmer with passion


Jürgen has been working in the tax office for many years and can therefore do everything bureaucratic on the farm with his focus. He is responsible for all the craftsmanship.


Whether it's repairs, crap or hayining in the summer, Jürgen manages everything besides his full-time job. He burns for work on the farm and supports where he can.



Marco Wöhrle

Car mechatronics engineer, active as mechanic


Marco works full-time as a mechanic in an industrial company and also works on the farm.

With his craftsmanship, he enriches the everyday life of the farm.


He repairs all equipment and machines himself as much as possible, builds on new buildings and helps Jürgen with all his work.